Fender Golf

October 27, 2022

There are traditions and then there are molds to be broken, Fender Golf aim to adhere to the game's traditions, but it certainly wants to shake it up a bit. 

Whether you’re in the Jam Room in dressing room D at Madison Square Garden or on the range right off the 18th at Black Page CC, you’re tinkering, trying out your tools, discussing your approach with the tech, or the caddie. You’re woodshedding, elevating your confidence before you take center stage with a legion of fans on the front row or the tee box. Those hours you were alone, practice..practice..your hands hurt, your fingers numb..practice, success is visualized here. But when you’re under the spotlight in the middle of a crescendo solo or 195 yards out with pines to clear; all that time out of sight now comes to life, it’s the passion that makes you go for it, and when that “drive” veers off course, you can easily let that passion’s wrath take ahold.

Hendrix, Townsend & Cobain used to become lumberjacks as their Fender guitars became extensions of that passion as they were smashed, lit on fire, and left screaming in tatters. That same passion has had countless golfers meltdown as their irons and putters became the recipients of their fury, “better out than in” meant a bent shaft, a hellacious divot, or a swim in the water hazard that moments early claimed their approach shot. You see, players of the guitar and the game are both driven by demons created during the practice sessions. But when those passions align, and the lighters illuminate the arena or the roars on the 18th cut thru the air, well, that is where success is realized.

Some things were just born for one another: Rock and Golf, Tango and Cash, Coffee and Whiskey. It just works.